What We Offer

At The Whistleblower House, we are dedicated to supporting whistleblowers throughout their journey. We understand that each phase of this journey requires specific support, guidance, and resources. Our comprehensive range of services has been carefully designed to empower whistleblowers at every step, ensuring they receive the assistance they need to navigate their path with confidence. These services are illustrated in the diagram below:


Prior legal consultation is vital before embarking on the whistleblowing journey. Seeking advice from a legal practitioner helps assess the risks and implications for both the whistleblower and any parties involved. Adhering to established procedures before disclosing externally is crucial for legal protection, a fact often overlooked. In court, for evidence to be admissible, it must meet 'chain of custody' requirements outlined in the Law of Evidence Amendment Act (Act 45 of 1988). These factors underscore the indispensable role of legal guidance in supporting whistleblowers.


We collaborate with psychological experts to provide whistleblowers with tailored treatment at every stage of their journey. Trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) frequently manifest as depression and anxiety. These effects necessitate specialised care, including therapy and medication, often spanning the long term. We are committed to nurturing the mental well-being of whistleblowers throughout their path to healing and recovery.


We understand the financial challenges that whistleblowers frequently face due to their courageous actions. We are committed to alleviating these hardships by offering a modest stipend upon request, for a limited period, aimed at aiding the whistleblower's basic needs. The following are common areas of support we provide: accommodation (rental or bond payment), utilities, groceries, medical expenses, education, and transportation. Our aim is to stand by whistleblowers during their journey and provide tangible assistance when it matters most.


We are dedicated to ensuring the safety of whistleblowers. We will diligently work to secure a safe environment by either offering funds for a secure location or collaborating with organisations that provide safe spaces. Your safety is our priority, and we are here to support you every step of the way.