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The Whistleblowing - Educate yourself app is a free app that empowers you with practical explanations on the rights of whistle-blowers according to South African law. It explains how the protection works, who is entitled to the protection, what you are protected against, when you are protected, and why you are protected. Download it now from your favourite app store.


The content herein details the journeys of some of our whistleblower heroes and heroines and is intended to give potential whistleblowers resources to consider before embarking on this journey. Additionally, we have some resources for organisations which offer guidance on managing the brave actions of whistleblowers within their organisation.

Before you Blow the Whistle

Written by Bianca Goodson, she details things that she would have done differently before blowing the whistle. This handbook is aimed at supporting you as potential whistleblower before you make the leap, in the best possible way.

Whistleblowing First Responder Guide

Do you receive whistleblowing reports and are unsure of how to respond? Then this guide is for you. Written by Dr Liezl Groenewald from The Ethics Institute.

Whistleblowing Management Handbook

Written by Dr Liezl Groenewald from The Ethics Institute, this Handbook offers guidance to organisations regarding the management of whistleblowing within their organisation.

The Whistleblowing Non-Retaliation Toolkit

This toolkit was developed by The Ethics Institute (TEI) based on an understanding of the emotional journey of blowing the whistle and the retaliation often experienced by those who chose to speak up. Written by Dr Liezl Groenewald.

Whistleblower protection in South Africa: where to from here?

This report sets out why this is the case and describes how the challenges faced by whistleblowers are not only
attributable to shortcomings in the legislation. Just Share - May 2022

The Unlikely Mr Rogue

Written by Evelyn Groenink, The Unlikely Mr Rogue: A Life with Ivan Pillay, is the story of the quiet man behind the so-called ‘rogue unit’ at SARS. Ivan is the Chairman of the Whistleblower House. Evelyn details his life-journey in this book.

The Whistleblowers

Written by Mandy Weiner, these are the raw and evocative accounts of some of South Africa's whistleblowers, told in their own voices and from their own perspectives: from the hallowed corridors of parliament to the political killing fields of KwaZulu-Natal, from the fraud-riddled platinum belt to the impoverished, gang-ridden suburb of Elsies River, from the gantried freeways of Gauteng to the Bosasa blesser's facebrick campus in Krugersdorp, from the wild east of Mpumalanga to the corporate jungle of Sandton, and from the wide farmlands of the Free State to that compound of corruption in Saxonwold.


Written by Masilo Mothepu, despite fearing legal consequences she decided that she could not just stand by as the country burnt. Her disclosures resulted in the freezing of Trillian-associated company Regiments Capital’s assets and a High Court order for Trillian to pay back almost R600 million to Eskom. Facing criminal charges and bankruptcy, unemployed, and deemed a political risk, Mosilo experienced first-hand the loneliness of whistleblowing.

For My Country

Written by Temba Maseko, a former senior state official, this book offers a rare insider's view of the presidencies of Thabo Mbeki and Jacob Zuma and of the inner workings of government. Compelling and revelatory, For My Country shows what it takes to stand up for one's principles and defy the most powerful man in the country.

Hijackers on Board

Written by Cynthia Stimpel, this book captures how she decided to blow the whistle despite the risk of losing her job as group treasurer. She simply could not keep quiet about an irregular deal of R256 million at South African Airways on Dudu Myeni’s watch. It was not an easy decision, but the ‘the right one’.