The Whistleblower House keeps an eye on the media for any relevant articles or news that may assist the plight of whistleblowers in South Africa. The content below illustrates that there are people and organisations in South Africa that takes rooting out corruption seriously.

The Whistleblower House will also write articles from time to time on whistleblower stories and whistleblowing issues and challenges.

Whistleblowing shouldn’t be a death sentence — activists

Not enough is done about the bullying tactics employees and employers have towards whistleblowers. There should be sanctions for senior officials who avoid or hide disclosures when they are presented to them.

Whistleblower House still demanding justice for Babita Deokaran

Until the mastermind of the murder of whistleblower Babita Deokaran is brought to book, justice is not served.

Babita Deokaran murder case postponed: Ben Theron joins discussion

The case against six men accused of the murder of whistleblower Babita Deokaran has been postponed to the 15th of August 2023 in the High Court in Johannesburg.

Prasa blocks corruption whistleblower Martha Ngoye from returning to work

Despite being cleared of disciplinary charges in arbitration, Ngoye remains suspended as the rail agency seeks to appeal the decision in the Labour Court.

Protecting those who speak truth to power

The South African Council of Churches, in collaboration with the Whistleblower House, hosted a webinar on the crucial role of whistleblowers play in the fight against corruption.

The important role whistleblowers play

The protection of whistleblowers has come under the spotlight in recent years and was brought into sharp focus by the assassination of Gauteng Health Manager Babita Deokoran in 2021.

Silenced – Why Babita Deokaran was murdered

In this series, titled Silenced, we reveal what Babita Deokaran found in the days before her murder.

Whistleblower House happy with proposed reforms to whistleblowing legislation

The civil society organisation, Whistleblower House, says that it is happy with the steps taken by the justice department in publishing recommendations on reforming the whistleblowing legislative regime.

Conversation with Dr Liezl Groenewald from The Whistleblower House, South Africa

We discuss some of the hallmarks of an ethical business, where whistleblowing fits into the discussion on ethics and organizational governance, the role of government and media in whistleblower protection, the cultural dynamics of viewing whistleblowing, and the importance of counter-accounts of whistleblowers.

SAA whistleblower Cynthia Stimpel exposes extreme sacrifices, challenges faced by truth-tellers

One of South Africa’s bravest whistleblowers, Cynthia Stimpel, speaks to BizNews about the huge personal sacrifices being made by the country’s whistleblowers; the terrible losses some have suffered – and the extreme vilification that is used to discredit those who dare speak truth to power.

Why Babita Deokaran was killed: Calls for protection of whistleblowers at documentary premiere

Journalists Jeff Wicks and Mandy Wiener said that South Africa could do more to protect whistleblowers who expose corruption at public and private entities.

Martha Ngoye: Honest public servants, whistleblowers at the heart of functioning democracy

Martha Ngoye is a whistleblower for the vast corruption at the Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (Prasa). She is Prasa's group executive for legal. On Thursday she delivered an address at the launch of New South Institute, of which she is a board member. Here is an edited version of her address.

Mandy Wiener: National Shutdowns, rhetoric & assassinations – SA ruled by fear

Murray and his son's killings will have a chilling effect on all those who seek to pursue criminals and hold them to account in the way that he did. That is precisely the impact that these extraction networks and criminal syndicates seek to achieve.

Redress for victimised whistle-blowing public servants is a critical step in reforming the public service

‘Like many who are today called whistle-blowers, we never set out to become whistle-blowers… We were just normal human beings who knew right from wrong, regular employees who did their job with the utmost care” – Mzukisi Makatse and Sello Qhina