Last Updated: March 2024

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  3. Definitions:
    1. Account” means the registered account held by a User, administrator, advertiser, or Support services provider on the website.
    2. ECTA” means the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act 25 of 2002.
    3. Device” means the mobile phone, terminal, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer or any other electronic, battery or solar operated device used by the User to gain access to the website.
    4. Disparagement” means any negative, or perceived negative, remarks or behaviour made, or distributed by the User, in respect of the website and/or its owners, which can reasonably and objectively be regarded as defamatory, insulting, abusive, slanderous, false, a misrepresentation of a true state of affairs or threatening in any manner.
    5. User” means any individual that uses, or has registered to use, the website.
    6. Username” means the name selected by the user, by which it will be identified when accessing the website.
    7. User information” means the information submitted by the user or collected by the website owner in terms of its privacy policy.
    8. We” means the Website owners.
    9. Website” means the set of related web pages under the domain name whistleblowerhouse.org or any other related domain associated with the website owner.
    10. Website owners” means The Whistleblower House NPC (Registration Number: 2021/717060/08), a company with limited liability and duly incorporated in terms of the Companies Act 71 of 2008, with its registered address at 1003 Otto du Plessis Drive, Big Bay, Cape Town, South Africa, being the owner of the website and web application (also referred to herein as “the company”).
    11. You” means the user.
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