About us

Media exposés and testimony at the Zondo Commission of Inquiry into State Capture in South Africa have demonstrated the importance of whistleblowers. Had it not been for these brave people and their vital disclosures, corruption’s inner workings would have remained a mystery.

The Whistleblower House firmly believes that whistleblowing is a necessary bulwark in the architecture of modern democracies as it:
  • alerts the public to abuses of power;
  • shines a light on criminality for law enforcement to follow up; and
  • disrupts the networks of collusion within institutions.
The Whistleblower House seeks to support people who know about or witness wrongdoing so that they can more safely become whistleblowers. When whistleblowing is a safer endeavour, impunity withers away, and accountability becomes a consequence.

The Whistleblower House is a not for profit, public benefit organisation (registered NPC (2021/717060/08)) that provides support services to whistleblowers.

Our vision

To minimise all adverse impacts on a whistleblower by:

  • acknowledging the importance of the individual choosing to take a stand
  • supporting whistleblowers in their journey of exposing institutional wrongdoing
  • encouraging whistleblowing as a method of creating a more transparent and ethical society

Our values

  • Act with integrity, honesty, and transparency
  • Deliver with safety, sustainability, and empowerment
  • Mediate with compassion, humility, and hope
  • Support with dignity, love, and empathy
  • Rebuild with belief of a better future, optimism, and faith in humanity

Our mission

The Whistleblower House will achieve its vision by:

  • facilitating access to empathetic service providers, including, but not limited to professional legal, financial, security, and psychological support
  • creating awareness of the importance of exposing institutional wrongdoing
  • providing a safe space for potential whistleblowers to discuss the dilemmas they face
  • publicly acknowledging the contributions of whistleblowing to good governance
  • advocating for the implementation of effective whistleblowing management systems in organisations
  • collaborating with companies to provide a means of employment for whistleblowers