A home for the courageous

Carte Blanche | 10 September 2023

In South Africa, the safety of those who speak out against corruption and other types of malfeasance cannot be guaranteed. Nor can the extent to which they’re often ostracised and isolated be guarded against.

Whistleblowers are often harassed, demoted or dismissed from work; they risk financial ruin, psychological trauma and, in some cases, they even pay with their lives. But despite the challenges, whistleblowers continue to display immense courage, standing up against injustice when no one else will stand with them.

It’s a gap now being filled by The Whistleblower House, an online platform offering a range of supports, including legal and financial advice, to those who sacrifice so much in the name of accountability and justice. Carte Blanche meets the people behind this cause.

Watch the video here.