Conversation with Dr Liezl Groenewald from The Whistleblower House, South Africa

Counter Accounts Podcast | Dr Samar Riaz

In this episode, I speak with Dr. Liezl Groenewald, who has a remarkable portfolio of both academic and practitioner achievements in the areas of business ethics, compliance, and whistleblower protection. Liezl co-founded the Whistleblower House in South Africa, which exists to provide support and protection to whistleblowers. Here we talked about her personal journey and some of the challenges she dealt with while pursuing her vision. We also discussed some of the hallmarks of an ethical business, where whistleblowing fits into the discussion on ethics and organizational governance, the role of government and media in whistleblower protection, the cultural dynamics of viewing whistleblowing, and the importance of counter-accounts of whistleblowers.

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More about the Counter Accounts Podcast – In this podcast, I invite individuals who challenge the dominant narratives and provide an alternative version of reality that we don’t see, hear, or experience much of in the mainstream media, corporate accounts, or official reports. They include whistle-blowers, investigative journalists, officials, researchers, and other representatives who tell their personal stories, share their findings, and talk about their life journeys while holding authorities to account, resisting hegemonic powers, giving interesting insights, and speaking truth to power for more justice and accountability.